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6070 Oldfield Rd.

Victoria, BC V9E 2J4

Tel: 250-652-5732

Sun Wing Tomatoes is the brand name of Sun Wing Greenhouse Ltd.
It is operated by Jeanette Lee and Tom Law who bought the greenhouses
on Oldfield Road in 1992. They bring many years of experience growing
produce with them from greenhouses they operated on Tyndall Avenue
in Gordon Head. Jeanette started working at the Tyndall wooden greenhouses
in 1966. At their newer greenhouses on Oldfield Road, they use state­of­the­art
computer controlled watering sytems to feed each plant the exact amounts of
nutrients required for optimal growth.

Each greenhouse floor is covered with sterile white plastic sheeting to prevent
the introduction of undesirable growth from other organisms. They change the
plastic every year to avoid carrying over any potential problems from the year before.

Each day, Jeanette walks through the greenhouses checking the growth of the
different plants and the possibility of pests and seeing that all the guide lines are
supporting the growing plants.

With over 50 years of experience in growing greenhouse vegetables, you can
be assurd that we do everything possible to see you get the best pesticide-free
produce available on Vancouver Island.

And you can buy all our premium fresh produce direct from our shop next
to our geenhouse. We're open daily from 9AM to 5PM, starting about mid
March and closing by the end of October. See our map page to get directions
on how to get here. See you soon.

Tom & Jeanette
Our shop next to our greenhouse.
Jeanette checking the growth.
Changing the plastic sheeting.
Jeanette and Tom.